Fear in the Rain Lyrics

In my old garage 
below tulip trees 
wake or sleepy time 
it's all the same to me 

I want you to reach out 
haven't been in touch 
it's been two days 
it's been too much 

No don't rush it 
i really want to talk 
why'd you dye your hair 
you said I say too much 

Don't you understand 
what a lie means? 
You said you fucked forty 
by fourteen 

I am what I am 
You are what you are 
I'm not what you're not 
You aren't who you are 

I didn't want 
I didn't need 
I shouldn't have 
I don't deserve to bleed 

I know how you taste 
salty as the sea 
You're a real person 

I am just 
Fear in the Rain 

Let's make some 
rules for us 
what we can't do 
is us 

We must call 
we must write 
we must love 
we mustn't fight 

I never said 
what I did 
kicked Daisy down the stairs 
it was excellent 

Candy in my skin 
fills me up again 
tears the pink away 

cotton candy 
melts in the rain 
red fears wash away 

wash away again 
wash away in the rain 
and so do you