Ominous, dark, [...] mysterious and strange”

Steven Gullotta, Brutal Resonance

Precious child

Bloody, arresting and surreal, Precious Child’s prolific body of work exists at the convergence of body horror, conceptual art and experimental noise pop. Primarily working within the media of music and video, the Los Angeles-based artist culls sonic inspiration from glossy mainstream pop, bristling industrial and metal to create work that confronts transformations in identity, perception and the nature of existence. 

Precious Child’s recent album TRAPPED marked the beginning of the artist’s close collaboration with multimedia digital art/director Cade, whose work explores the worlds of fetish, gender deconstruction and post-internet intimacy. The culmination of this collaborative work saw the video for "My Little Problem (Violet Door)", which premiered via Paste Magazine, along with "Phantom", an experiential audio-visual artist's statement for TRAPPED that premiered via Antihero Magazine. Precious Child is currently working on new video material with Cade as well as an experimental mini-video series debuted via Instagram, and is in the studio with multiplatinum producer Ulrich Wild (Static X, Slipknot, Emile Autumn, Stone Temple Pilots, White Zombie, Deftones) working on a forthcoming new full length with members of Filter and Puscifer. 

Prior to TRAPPED, Precious Child released full lengths Bloody Knees, accompanied by a music video for "I Fall" featuring America’s Next Top Model alumni Nina Burns, and ESCAPE, a soundtrack composed for the Neil Gaiman biopic "Dream Dangerously.” With the release of ESCAPE, Precious Child collaborated with Alabama artist Yonderpuss on video work accompanying the songs "Magic is Real" and "To Need" - exploring the imagination and wonder of life via digital manipulation and body modification.

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PAPER Magazine - "WHOLE"
Paste Magazine - "My Little Problem"
Antihero Magazine - "Phantom"
Bloody Disgusting - "Magic is Real"
Bloody Disgusting - ESCAPE LP

Cowgirl Zen
AntiHero Magazine

Film Festival Selections:

My Little Problem:
* Tempt Fest
* Desert Rocks Film Festival
* COAX17
* Video!Video! Chicago

“A fascinating exploration of body dysphoria and the abstraction of gender identity [...] confronted in “My Little Problem (Violet Door)” and their recent visual mini-album, Just a Body” - PAPER

"ESCAPE is a delicate balance of instrumental layers, electronic clarity, and rock sensibility." - Music Existence

"Moody, richly atmospheric, and lushly cinematic, I don’t think I could envision a better sonic landscape to back Gaiman and his work." - Bloody Disgusting

"The music video which [...] is a chilling visual depiction of one’s personal battle against darkness, something many can attest to." Glitter and Stilettos


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