Hi. I'm the artist Precious Child and this is my website. You may know me as a director, you may know me as a musician, you may know me as an activist, you most likely know me as a monocolor villain or an icon. You may know me, but know that before and after everything else, I am an artist. It is in your interest to interpret the entirety of my activities and pursuits as service to my art. When I was 18, I discovered the grand gateway of creation. I have never passed back. All true art is entirely informed by self- otherwise it is a lie, a trick at best. A charismatic pleasantry at worst. In self I discover all things and so I focus on my experience of my body (and my body is my mind). My experience of the world. And my experience of you.

A Website.

I miss the internet of my youth. I remember how instead of merely bearing scant profiles on the servers of soulless billionaires, people had their own actual sites. Often quirky and personalized by necessity, these websites lacked features like ease of use, constant updates, and real time interaction. 

The internet I remember was quieter, more intimate, slower, and deeper. It was also smaller. I do not need to know everything and I also do not need people or their software telling me what I -must- know. I appreciate space for contemplation. Reflection generates identity. Identity and the self is our first and last possession.

Per the icons littering the gutter of this page, I still have and use social media. But I despise the addictive gamification, how it nourishes sensationalism and hostility. People that think they're smart, who only care about money have distilled the saddest human compulsions into a greedy nectar. Moreso, their works are a direct threat to me, a mixed race queer artist. Silicon Valley is the ally of fascists, of dictators, and the genocides they perpetuate.

So, here in December 2023, I am greatly expanding my website. Maybe you will only visit me here a few times a year, but I hope it will be more rewarding. I will continue to expand it. If you are interested in me and my works, please also consider signing up for my email list. That type of communication predated webpages and is even more intimate. That makes me like it even more. 

Kind regards,